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A - Z of HR policies, procedures & guidelines

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Abandonment of employment
Academic staff - minimum standards
Academic promotions committee - EEO guidelines
Academic promotions policy and procedures
Academic special studies leave policy and procedures
Acting arrangements for Heads of Work Units
Additional responsibilities
Adjunct, visiting and conjoint appointments policy and procedures
Adoption leave
Alcohol and drug policy
Annual leave procedures
Appointment variations
Apprenticeships and traineeships - supervisor's toolkit
Attendance records procedures


Bereavement leave - see Compassionate leave
Blood-borne pathogens policy and procedures


Carer's leave procedures
Change of name
Change process - Head of Work Unit procedure [docx]
Children on campus
Classification descriptors [pdf]
Classification - professional positions
Code of conduct
Community service leave procedures
Compassionate leave procedures
Complaint policy - staff and Complaint procedure - staff
Conclusion of fixed-term appointments
Conjoint appointments policy and procedures
Contesting an election
Course coordination - academic employees


Death of an employee
Driving safety policy
Drug and alcohol policy


EEO guidelines for academic promotions committees
Elections - contesting an election
Emergency services leave procedures
Emergency procedures
Employee assistance program
Employee information
Employees called as witnesses
Employees with disabilities policy
Employment variations
Examination leave


Family leave - refer to Carer's leave procedures
Fieldwork safety
Financial assistance for employees studying policy and procedures
First aid
Fixed-term appointments concluding


Grievances - see Complaint policy - staff and Complaint procedure - staff


Harassment, bullying and discrimination policy
Hazardous substances - transportation and storage manual
Head of Work Unit - leave and acting arrangements
Health and safety conduct on campus
Health and safety procedures for working with microorganisms
Hours of work - professional employees


Ill-health termination
Incremental progression
Indigenous employment - see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment
Individual flexibility arrangements
Injury management and rehabilitation


Jury service procedures


Laboratory safety manual
- Annual leave procedures
- Carer's leave procedures
- Community service leave procedures
- Compassionate leave procedures
- Emergency services leave procedures
- Employees called as witnesses
- Examination leave
- Jury service procedures
- Leave loading
- Leave without pay procedures
- Long service leave procedures
- Military leave procedures
- Parental leave procedures - includes maternity leave, partner leave and adoption leave.
- Personal leave procedures
- Public holidays
- Special leave procedures
Leave and acting arrangements for Heads of Work Units
Lock out and tag out procedures


Managing unsatisfactory performance
Maternity leave procedures
Medical retirement
Military leave procedures
Minimum standards for academic staff
Misconduct/serious misconduct


Occupational health and safety policy - see Work health and safety policy
OHS risk management procedures - see WHS risk management procedures
Occupational health and safety rules - see Health and safety conduct on campus
Outdoor fieldwork safety policy
Outside work policy and procedures
Overtime - professional employees


Parental leave procedures - includes maternity leave, partner leave and adoption leave.
Penalty rates (see rostered hours - professional employees)
Performance management, development and review policy and procedures
Personal leave procedures
Personal protective equipment
Probation procedures
Professional employees - hours of work
Professional employees - overtime, time-off-in-lieu and travelling time procedures
Professional employees - rewards program
Professional employees - study time policy and procedures
Professional positions - classification
Professional Staff Career Development Program
Promotion policy - academic employees and procedures
Public holidays




Radiation safety manual
Recruitment and appointment policy
Relieving appointments
Relocation assistance policy and procedures
Relocation of positions from one campus to another
Research Productive Definition
Rewards program for professional employees
Rostered hours - professional employees


Safe work procedures
Shift and penalty rates (see Rostered hours - professional employees)
Sick leave - see Personal leave procedures
Smoke-free workplace policy and procedures
Special leave procedures
Special studies program policy and procedures
Spouse leave - refer to partner leave with the parental leave procedures
Staff complaint policy and procedures
Study assistance (financial assistance for employees studying policy)
Study time - professional employees policy and procedures
Subject coordination - academic employees


Tag out procedures
Transportation and storage of hazardous substances manual
Termination on the grounds of ill-health
Time-off-in-lieu procedures - professional employees
Travelling time - professional employees
Traineeships and apprenticeships - supervisor's toolkit


Unsatisfactory performance


Variations in employment fractions
Volunteer policy
Visas sponsored by SCU
Visiting appointments policy and procedures


Workers' compensation
Work health and safety policy
WHS risk management procedures